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Have questions about Beer, Wine or Liquor?
Whether you are entertaining, gift giving or just
indulging for yourself, the Busch's Beverage
Consultants can help you choose the perfect
drink for any occasion.

Ed HannaRebecca BawkonKelli Petrena
Chuck KoelbelBill KotilaFred Nelson
Dan LossiaMary PurolSteve Piotrowski
Mary SchraffenbergerDavid Webb 

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Fred Nelson

Beverage Consultant for our
West Bloomfield store.

Email Fred at Fred_Nelson@buschs.com
West Bloomfield - (248) 539-4581

My experience with wine began in 2001 with a small family owned distributor that had an amazing portfolio. Initially I had no knowledge of wine, but I was willing to learn, and slowly but surely I became a convert.

I have traveled to California and Michigan wine regions, enjoying some of the finest wines and hospitality the world has to offer. I am also a Certified Specialist of Wine and my passion for Craft Beers is ever growing.

Here at Busch’s I will be happy to assist you in making a selection for any occasion, whether it be a pairing for a meal or simply finding your favorite beverage, so please visit me and we can explore the wide world of wine together.

Ed Hanna

Beverage Consultant for our
Plymouth/Northville store.

Email Ed at Ed_Hanna@buschs.com
Plymouth/Northville - 734-414-5200

I have been with Busch's since 2001. But before I became a Beverage Consultant for the company, I traveled to many parts of the world – and tasted many wines throughout it.

Before moving to America in 1991 to start the Northville Gourmet & Wine Shop in Northville, MI, I had lived in and visited many countries.
I was born in Jerusalem and grew up in Iraq.
In 1966, I moved to Nigeria, West Africa and joined the Marketing & Shipping Company (MASCO) as a Supplier Markets Supervisor. When I became the Managing Director of the company in 1972, my business allowed me to travel to about 18 countries. Because of this, I was able to visit wineries in Germany, Italy and France.

Most of my wine experience comes from the importing, distributing, and retailing I did in Africa. I know about wine cultures from different parts of the world, and I look forward to sharing that knowledge with you.

Rebecca Bawkon

Beverage Consultant for our
Ann Arbor - Main St. store.

Email Rebecca at Rebecca_Bawkon@buschs.com
Ann Arbor - Main St. - 734-998-2666

During my 20 years in the wine business, I haven't met many wine aficionados that didn't enjoy a good wine-and-food pairing. To me,
the two go hand-in-hand. My interest in wine began when I worked at a retail wine store. From there, I was a wine distributor, as well as a wine and cheese buyer for a small gourmet market. I have been a Beverage Consultant with Busch's for close to five years – and I love
every second of it.

I have tasted wines from Sonoma all the way to Southern France. I like how the styles of wines change from country to country. It's interesting how a country's climate, soil, and winemakers can make the same grape taste differently.

I love the everyday routines of life and helping people, which is why I like working at Busch's. Nothing's more rewarding than helping a person find just the right wine for a meal or special occasion.

John Najduch

Beverage Consultant for our
Novi store.

Email John at John_Najduch@buschs.com
Novi - 248-348-0708

For me, beer and wine are linked closely with food, celebration, and family. When I was a kid, my parents used to pour me an ounce of wine to go with my holiday dinners. Whenever my grandfather visited, he would pour me a shot glass of beer. So as you can see, beer and wine have a special spot in my heart.

I am a self-taught wine enthusiast. I read
books and articles about wine and visit wineries whenever I travel. I also look for restaurants with large drink selections, so I can learn more about the relationship between
wine and food.

My passion for beer and wine naturally led me to a job at Busch's. I was a dietary manager at a long-term care facility, and I drove by the yet-unopened grocery store on my way to work one day. Out of curiosity, I stopped at the front door to see if there were job postings. When I saw a position for a wine steward, I thought, "Dream job!" Call it fate if you want – wine and I are just meant to be together.

Chuck Koelbel

Beverage Consultant for our
Dexter store.

Email Chuck at Charles_Koelbel@buschs.com
Dexter - 734-426-9600

It started with the berry that's used for only the finest wines – the noble grape.

During the 1980s, my wife and I started having a glass of wine with one or two dinners a week. Eventually, that one or two dinners turned into six or seven, and I was a wine lover before I knew it.

I have a research background with the Detroit Free Press, so that experience – coupled with my general curiosity – drove me to learn more about the history and production of wine. After leaving the newspaper business, I worked at Bloomfield Hills Country Club as an Assistant Food and Beverage Specialist. Under the tutelage of a certain savvy Food and Beverage Director there, I honed my knowledge of the wine industry.

After years of tasting, food pairings, and gaining a few pounds, I finally understand the relationship among wine, food, and man. And it was all because of a noble grape.

Bill Kotila

Beverage Consultant for our
Ann Arbor - Main St. and
Ann Arbor - Green Road stores.

Email Bill at Bill_Kotila@buschs.com
Ann Arbor - Main St. - 734-998-2666
Ann Arbor - Green Road - 734-994-7200

I became acquainted with wine while I was an exchange student in West Berlin. When I returned to the U.S., my brother and his wife were making their way through Julia Child's first cookbook. (Talk about perfect timing!) Food and wine have been a passion of mine ever since.

I used to be an attorney and businessman, which allowed me to travel around Europe for
25 years. During this time, I visited vineyards and restaurants in Spain, Germany, and Italy.
I also spent some time in Napa Valley, which many people considered the wine Mecca of the United States.

I have limited restaurant experience, but the experience I do have is important. I spent a year helping Eve Aronoff – a former contestant on the TV show Top Chef: Sin City – put together her first restaurant, Eve.

I'm an avid cook, and my affection for food and wine is stronger than ever. Come to Busch's, and let me find the right food-and-wine pairing for you.

Dan Lossia

Beverage Consultant for our
Rochester Hills store.

Email Dan at Dan_Lossia@buschs.com
Rochester Hills - 248-375-0900

My passion for wine and beer began in the 1970s, when I owned and operated a gourmet store in West Bloomfield.

I love wines from every region; France, Germany, Italy – I don't discriminate. (Nothing, however, beats California wines.) I also love discovering new, unique varieties of grapes from major wine-producing countries. My interest in wine even led me to take courses in Viticulture at the University of California-Davis. My 30+ years of experience in the industry have given me great knowledge of everything beer- and wine-related.

My goal as a beverage consultant is simple: to provide you with the best representations of wine and beer from around the globe. I suggest wines that not only compliment your meals, but also give you a taste of different cultures. So let me be your tour guide and show you the wines of the world – right here at Busch's.

Mary Purol

Beverage Consultant for our
Farmington Hills store.

Email Mary at Mary_Purol@buschs.com
Farmington Hills - 248-427-7400

I'm a Certified Wine Specialist who has completed the first level of Sommelier accreditation. My passion for wine guided me through many classes and seminars, and eventually into the wine industry itself.

I have been to wineries in France and Italy, and I've set my sights on Spain next. Bordeaux wines would have to be my favorites, with Spanish wines coming in a close second.

In addition to wine, I also love cooking. It's fun to try out new recipes and keep up with the latest food trends. I look forward to talking with Busch's guests about food, wine and beer. Look for me in the wine section at Busch's in Farmington Hills!

Steve Piotrowski

Beverage Consultant for our
South Lyon store.

Email Steve at Steve_Piotrowski@buschs.com
South Lyon - 248-446-8812

My love for cooking started at an early age. I remember climbing up my brother’s highchair to watch my mom prepare delectable meals and treats. I spent my early working years in the hotel/restaurant industry, which fanned the flames for my passion for cooking and its presentation.

Then, 10 years ago, a friend of mine held a craft brewing demonstration at his home. I was hooked – I could take my love of cooking and pairing flavors and incorporate that into making my own home brews.

I also spent two years as a manager at a beverage distributor in Northern Michigan. This gave me the opportunity to travel to great Michigan locations, like Traverse City and the Leelanau Peninsula, which helped sprout my interest for wine.

I went on to spend time in sales, boats and pleasure cruisers and found that my beer and wine knowledge was a benefit – often telling stories of after dinner cruises around the lake with our favorite craft beer in hand, or just watching the sun set while sipping a glass of wine. Come on into Busch’s, I’d love to swap stories, and maybe together, we can discover a new flavor of craft beer or wine for you.

David Reno

David Reno

Beverage Consultant for our
Livonia store.

Email David at David_Reno@buschs.com
Livonia - 734-779-6100

I see wine as an expression of cultural geography, which keeps me passionate about learning. I’ve always had an interest in geography since I was a child, so when my older brother introduced me to fine wine, I immediately started researching wine from all the different regions of the world.

As a beverage professional with over 27 years of experience, I have worked in all levels of the business including retail, wholesale and importation. I’ve been fortunate to have been able to taste many extraordinary wines throughout the years such as Grand Cru burgundies, First Growth Bordeaux, rare vintage champagnes and 50 year old Riesling from Germany’s best producers.

I love connecting with people at whatever level of wine knowledge they may have; we all start somewhere! Since returning from California three years ago, I have always looked forward to shopping at Busch’s because of my love of fresh bread. Sometimes there is nothing better than a simple combination of bread, cheese and wine.

David Webb

David Webb

Beverage Consultant for our
Tecumseh store.

Email David at David_Webb@buschs.com
Tecumseh - 517-424-1100

I am a self-taught beer and wine enthusiast.
I have also been a home brewer and wine maker for almost 20 years and really enjoy the science behind it.

I prefer beers that conform to the German purity law of 1516. It states that beer should be made from water, hops, malt and yeast…and that’s it. Through careful use of these basic ingredients brewers are able to produce spice flavors without adding spices to the beer. A great example is German Hefewiezen- it’s amazing!

I have personally made a variety of wines, from the easy concentrate to the more labor-intensive fresh grapes and fruits. With wine I believe you need to have your favorites, but you should also be willing to try new ones too. I have discovered several styles that I now love based on the recommendations of our guests. My favorite saying is “Step outside your comfort zone.” With beer and wines you will discover a whole new world just by trying something new.

Mary Schraffenberger

Mary Schraffenberger

Beverage Consultant for our
Ann Arbor - Green Road store.

Email Mary at Mary_Schraffenberger@buschs.com
Ann Arbor - Green Road - 734-994-7200

I grew up in a family that enjoyed making meals from scratch, often using fresh produce from our garden or home-canned vegetables. This has given me an appreciation for unique wines and beers that started out as an idea in someone’s kitchen. I think about the pioneers who came to this country, bringing root stock from their homeland, to start wine dynasties that continue to this day. I try to carry on the tradition of making your own food and drink by making my own wine and canning vegetables from my garden. My son has also joined in by brewing his own beer.

The growth of the Michigan craft brewing industry is exciting; with new breweries opening and new beers being released all the time. To stay current, I attend the Michigan Brewers Guild annual festivals, beer “style” seminars (most recently, one focused on IPAs), and brewery tasting events (including a Greenbush Brewery presentation hosted by a brewery representative). I also subscribe to trade magazines, like “The Beer Advocate”.

Having worked at Busch’s for several years, I always love to hear the many compliments we receive on our large selection of wines and craft beers. I look forward to seeing the growth in our business, discovering more new wines and beers, and meeting more guests and pairing them with the perfect wine, beer or spirit.


Kelli Petrena

Beverage Consultant for our
Saline store.

Email Kelli at Kelli_Petrena@buschs.com
Saline - 734-429-6100

It all began with the first wine I ever tasted: it was a Meritage (1996 Quintessa, Napa Valley); a beautifully balanced, silky wine I sampled at our daily tasting table while working at an elite hotel. There, I was lucky enough to taste the most amazing, rare and highest quality foods, wines and liquors from around the world. This made me yearn to know everything about the art of dining, cuisine and cultures.

My degree in Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts from Henry Ford Community College launched my 33-year career in hospitality. I have worked as Director of Food and Beverage for quality hotels, General Manager of several restaurants, and Wine Director at a Michigan steakhouse. With several wine certifications and courses under my belt, I will be taking my first level Sommeliers exam this year.

My love for travel has taken me to many countries and regions, including a trip to Napa Valley for 10 days to study viticulture and enology, not to mention some fabulous private tours and tastings at a variety of wineries there. I am also a big fan of Michigan wines, especially Northern Michigan Leelanau and Old Mission Peninsula.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for wine because it is a living breathing thing that evolves and changes over time and I am always surprised and delighted by tasting new wines. I love to help people find the best wine for a great meal or a gift for a friend.

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