Centuries ago, Native American tribes in New England celebrated their abundant seafood harvests with clam bakes. They used hot stone-lined pits layered with seaweed to cook clams, lobster, fish, corn and potatoes to perfection – a delicious symbol of communal celebration. This tradition eventually spread globally. Immigrants and travelers brought the clam bake tradition to their homes, making it a sensation enjoyed worldwide.

Essentials for a Memorable Clam Bake

Fresh Clams: The heart of any clam bake is, of course, fresh clams. Make sure to source high-quality, fresh clams. Littleneck or cherrystone clams are popular choices. Plan on at least a dozen clams per guest.

Lobster or Crab: Take your clam bake to the next level with succulent lobster or crab. Choose to serve one per person for the ultimate extravagance or feature them as a shared centerpiece.

Vegetables: Enhance your feast with farm-fresh vegetables – sweet corn on the cob, hearty potatoes and aromatic onions are classics that complement the seafood beautifully.

Spices & Seasonings: Bring out the flavors with a mix of seasonings like Old Bay®, garlic and paprika. Don’t forget the melted butter for dipping!

Sausages: For those who savor a meaty twist, add sausages to your clam bake. These delectable additions provide a satisfying contrast to the seafood extravaganza.