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Beef Cuts

Top Sirloin Steak
Top sirloin steak is a versatile, tender and juicy cut. It has a robust, melt-in-your-mouth flavor and is also great when marinated, creating a perfectly tender, flavorful steak.

Beef Ribeye Steak
Spice up Dad’s beef experience with ribeye steak, an incredibly tender cut that comes from the center of the prime rib. Known for its high degree of marbling (added flavor from fat), ribeye makes a great contender for slow cooking, roasting and grilling.

T-Bone Steak
This classic steak selection has a large t-shaped bone separating the steak from the tenderloin that enhances its hearty flavor. Thick, juicy and well-marbled, T-bones are excellent when grilled or broiled.

NY Strip Steak
One of America’s most popular steaks, New York Strip is cut from the front of the loin and is packed with flavor and remarkable tenderness. These meaty, lean steaks are juicy and perfect for marinating.