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From Boring to Brilliant: Beef Up Your Burger Builds

Whether you’re a rookie who’s just stepping up to the grates or a grill master looking to take a summer grilling favorite to the next level, we have everything you need to build better burgers. At Busch’s, find all the burger necessities, as well as innovative ingredients that expand your burger repertoire. Beef up your burger builds and make every cookout memorable with our tips and tricks below.

All About that Bun:
Breads and buns are basic staples in many households. Think beyond the average whole wheat bun and get creative with selections like brioche, onion rolls, Hawaiian sweet rolls or even a Sourdough or Tuscan Bread.

Scratch-Made Perfection:
If you choose to make your patties from scratch, use seasonings such as onion powder, garlic powder or cayenne pepper for a kick. When mixing ground chuck with seasoning, be gentle; overmixing can make the burgers dry and tough. To make the patties perfectly uniform, roll the meat in wax paper to form a log, then cut into the desired thickness. During cooking, prevent patties from bulging by creating depressions in the centers with your thumb. Use a spatula rather than tongs to flip the burgers to prevent releasing the tasty juices from the burgers and drying them out.

Humble Handling:
Resist the temptation to smash down your beautiful burgers with a spatula. If you press down the spatula on your burger, you’ll lose the natural juices. Instead, using a fork, poke holes in uncooked patties. Heat will work its way through and cook the meat evenly.

Next-Level Toppings:
With endless topping possibilities, it’s easy to create burgers that provide delicious bite after bite. Sun-dried tomatoes, pepperoni and pizza sauce are simple yet flavorful additions. Bacon, a traditional topping, can be glazed with maple syrup to add mouthwatering, smoky sweetness. Or, fry a sunny-side-up egg during your burger’s last few minutes of cooking for an oozing, flavor-filled topping. You can also turn to international sauces for new, exciting flavors. Use hummus for a nutritious, Mediterranean twist, or gochujang or curry paste for a spicy kick of Asian or Indian flavors.

Say Cheese!
Nothing tops off a burger like one of these perfect melters! Just before your burgers are done, top with your favorite gourmet cheese.

Bleu Cheese: Tangy, buttery and sharp, bleu cheese melts beautifully.

Mozzarella: Soft and delicately flavored, perfect for melting.

Cheddar: Creamy with just the right balance of flavor and sharpness.

Swiss Cheese: Nut-like flavor, smooth, delicious and easy to slice.