Posted on April 8, 2024 | by in Live Right

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Holiday Eating Pep Talk

You know the winter holiday season has arrived when you feel your willpower falling faster than the temperature outside. Holidays can create a perfect storm when it comes to overeating – you’re in a festive mood relaxing with friends and family, and everywhere you look, there are rich sauces and decadent desserts.

By following a few simple and highly effective guidelines, you can outsmart your impulse to overindulge this holiday season.

Planning for the Party
If you’re hosting a party, substitute low-fat ingredients wherever possible. Replace cream with skim milk or yogurt and use low sodium and low-fat broths. If you’re attending a potluck, bring a favorite healthy entrée, so even if other guests make deep-fried or creamy selections, you’ll have a dish to enjoy guilt-free. Get back-up by enlisting a friend at the party to be your partner in eating sensibly.

The Day of the Party
It’s tempting to skip meals during the day to try to balance out your caloric intake. All too often, however, this strategy backfires. Once you’re surrounded by scrumptious entrées and desserts, the likeliness of overeating increases. Try eating a healthy snack right before the party to avoid beelining straight for the appetizer table.

At the Party
Indulge in the foods that you don’t get to enjoy throughout the year. Instead of ordinary cheeses and crackers, save your calories for your favorite holiday treat. Keep yourself feeling full throughout the meal by drinking lots of water. In addition, look for high-fiber foods such as whole grains and fruits to help you feel full without tacking on extra calories. To distract your tummy and play a little trick on your brain, stick to entrée-sized plates to load up on healthy options such as fruits, vegetables and snacks. When you’re ready for appetizers and entrées that are higher in fat, use small plates.