Local Partners

Belle Harvest Orchards

in Belding, MI

As a business built on generations of growers, Belle Harvest Orchards believes in apples and in ingenuity. The apple your grandfather ate is not the same as the one you packed in your child’s lunchbox today. And who would want it to be? With over 50 years of growing experience, this community is committed to delivering high-quality, flavorful apples – season after season.

Better Way Farms

in South Haven, MI

From the very beginning, farmer Rich Phillips had the desire to share the bounty of blueberries with others. This family farm crew is committed to regenerative organic farming and growing the best berry possible, always bursting with flavor.

Garden Fort Farms

Lindsay Steele & Family

Dexter, MI

Garden Fort is a small-scale, year-round moreganic farm growing nutrient-dense salad greens like our sun shoots, pea shoots and mixes. Moreganic means using low-impact tools and practices that respect the earth, the critters, the plants and as a result, the people who tend the spaces and eat the produce.

Green Valley Organics

David Troyer

Marlette, MI

Certified Organic, community of Amish farms located in Marlette, MI. Farmer David Troyer specializes in summer squash, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet corn, melons and more.

Jacobs Fresh Farm

Jacob & Anna D’Lamater

Dexter, MI

Jacob’s Fresh Farm sits among 40 acres of tillable land, beautiful wetlands, and historic hay barns that have been standing for over 100 years. They use compost, natural fertilizers, and cover crops to build the soil and allow healthy microbes to flourish. Microbes are the digestive systems of plants and help them take up nutrients, providing richer, healthier food for us.

Lake Divide Farm

Jim Neumann & Helen Chandler

Stockbridge, MI

This first-generation family farm is named for the unique way the Huron and Upper Grand watersheds divide the land in half. Since 2016, they’ve been laying the groundwork for growing, building three hoop houses and a greenhouse. Hoop Houses are plastic-covered, unheated spaces that protect plants and allow growers to cultivate healthier crops through an extended growing season.

Third Coast Fruit Co.

The Wunsch Family

Traverse City, MI

Michigan’s unique climate and growing conditions produce the most delicious cherries in the world, and the Wunsch Family has been growing them for over a century. Delicious cherries like our dark sweet, light sweet and baking cherries arrive annually from the breezy orchards at this sixth-generation family farm overlooking Grand Traverse Bay.