Local Produce BACKUP

Pure Harvest Pesto

New Hudson, MI

“Pure Harvest Pesto brings all natural basil pesto and sun dried tomato pesto to local foodies! Try this delicious pesto, with bread, pasta, pizza and much more. Create your meal with a fresh Michigan made product.

Fresh Produce

NOTE: Listed products/companies are not sold at all Busch’s stores. Listings compiled January 2017.

Detroit, MI
South Haven, MI
Hillsdale, MI
Novi, MI
New Hudson, MI
Carleton, MI
Adrian, MI
Deerfield, MI
Traverse City, MI

Flowers, Plants & Seeds

Saline, MI
Zeeland, MI

Glei’s Orchard

Hillsdale, MI

“In 1918, Alma Glei and son Carl purchased forty acres of property in Hillsdale County. Today, the next generation of Glei’s has truly devoted their lives to the growth and development of the business. With over 300 acres, Glei’s grows over 30 varieties of apples, 200 varieties of perennials, 300 varieties of annuals, several varieties of Christmas trees, florist flowers and many types of vegetables.

Glei’s Orchard

Hillsdale, MI

“A family owned and operated blueberry farm that takes a holistic approach to organic farming. Better Way works to actively rebuild the soil structure and unlock minerals which are essential for healthier plants and fruit. This includes the planting of cover crops of clover, buckwheat, radishes and legumes which help restore the soil biome. The end result is produce packed with higher levels of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. All to offer you the very best produce!